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       We're a family owned and operated full service towing company serving Gadsden and the surrounding area (up to about one hundred and fifty miles) since 1958.  We have six trucks including flat beds, light duty and heavy duty, all of our equiptment is state of the art and well maintained; we're also TRAA and Hazardous Materials certified.  We tow virtually any vehicle, including big buses, trucks, cars, etc. Our drivers are courtious,certified, and well trained  to deal with any situation from a simple lock out to a major accident involving big rigs. Some common situations we encounter are keys locked in the car, ran out of gas, flat tire, jump start, accidents, and just plain broke down.  We're available seven days per week , twenty four hours per day and our prices and response times are second to none.
Fully Insured
Fully Insured
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"Kelton arrived quickly and didn't over charge me" John Anderson
"I've used Kelton many times over the years and I keep their number in my cell phone for the piece of mind" Debra Johnson